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Let us remember

baraboo river sunriseLet us remember, in the wake of 45 pulling out of the Paris Agreement, that ultimately, it is on us to act.

Make the choices in your everyday life that use less fossil fuels, more sustainable materials and manufacturing practices, and conserve the beautiful Earth we have. Make the choice to support companies that are doing the same. Vote with your dollars, and when the time comes, vote with your vote.

Constant vigilance, right?



sunset in boston

Sunset. Boston.

I’ve been thinking about sitting down and writing again in this space for months now. I’ve been thinking about what I want this space to be. I’ve been thinking about what I want myself to be in our current world, current United States, current environment. And the answer is not clear yet.

But part of the answer seems to still be a voice. Maybe a voice shouting a bit louder than the rest of the din. A voice saying, “Hey, take care. Take care. Take care.”

In a few months we’ll be moving again. Our third move in as many years. With at least one more on the near horizon after this one. Just another 80 miles down the road. Slightly north, slightly west. We’ll say goodbye to our little town, our little garden, our little house. And make a new home. Just like we have in the past, numerous times. Bringing mostly the same stuff with us, and also a few new plants. And we’ll try to put down new roots. And we’ll try to build more earth. And we’ll try to take care. Because this is all we have.


I didn’t necessarily intend to take a 3 month break from this place. It just happened. Life moved along, and I didn’t have the words to put here for a time. But I hope to say hello a bit more often in the new year. I think it’ll be a good one.

Earth Day Music

Happy Earth Day!

Last year Neil and I came up with a ¬†short playlist for celebrating Earth Day. This year I thought I’d share it with all of you!

Do you have any favorite music to listen to or play for earth day? Let me know in the comments!